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Filmaker Richard Burns:  Awakenings

On June 14, 2022, Lisa was contacted out of the blue on LinkedIn, by Richard Burns, a filmmaker.  Richard's film, Soul Redemption, was up for a Golden Globe Award, and Lisa realized what an extraordinary opportunity it was to cross paths with him.


Richard shared that he was looking for stories for his new film, documenting transformational journeys.  After an initial meeting on Zoom, it was clear that the synergy between Richard and Lisa would be a recipe for success.  On June 30th, Richard interviewed Lisa in her home.  He was impressed with Lisa's natural presence on camera, and her amazing story around her awakening and stepping into her gifts.  

Raising Vibrations Radio Interview

This radio interview is with Sandy Bigler, who Lisa met at the Gulfport Mind, Body, and Spirit Expo. Sandy was drawn to Lisa, and she provided Sandy with a 5 minute Energy Healing Guided Journey. It was her birthday, and she was not going to do her radio show that night, but she looked at Lisa and said she wanted to do the show that night!  So on this interview, Lisa discusses her practice and the Energy Healing Guided Journeys. Lisa and Sandy also talk about her aspirations to touch more lives with public speaking.
Here is the link to the Sandy's radio show and my interview:

Philip Solomon Pulse Talk Radio Interview

This radio interview was with the internationally known Medium and radio show host, Philip Solomon.  It was a delightful chat, as Philip explored all aspects of Lisa's personal awakening and transformation.  Lisa shares how her journey led her to her first teacher, and then to a Shaman and Medicine woman who helped her build her first healing drum.  Lisa shares what an Energy Healing Guided Journey is, and it's clear she loves her work!  Take a listen and enjoy!

Lisa Bromfield
Energy Healer, Psychic/Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker