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"I can testify to the beauty and power of Lisa's healing work! A wonderful, touching and sacred experience."


Jamie M. Boston, MA

(In-Person  Energy Healing Journey)


"The Energy Healing Guided Journey with the Sound Healing Drum Bath was amazing and frankly much more than I expected. I was taken into a state of deep relaxation and introspection. Lisa is very insightful and intuitive. She took the time to work with me one on one and through a deep, healing guided journey of forgiveness and release. She helped me to connect with my Mom and my higher self for guidance and confirmation.
Afterwards I was able to release some inner emotions. Surprisingly, instead of feeling emotionally drained, I felt uplifted and energized!  Personal things that Lisa had mentioned rang so true to me. That’s when I knew she’s tuned in and connected. And all I could say, was wow, just wow. And thank you!
My experience with Lisa was profound and deeply moving. Not to mention, extremely beneficial. I felt refreshed, renewed and grateful after our session. I highly recommend Lisa! 

Melissa L., Gulfport, FL
(In-Person Energy Healing Guided Journey with Drum Sound Bath)

"I’ve done a lot of personal growth work, but never in my life have I experienced anything that made me feel so noticeably better than the work I did with Lisa this morning! She sent me follow up notes so I can maintain this myself but I’ll absolutely be back for a second session.
I’m a left brained former journalist. I wouldn’t say I was skeptical going in, but since I have done other similar work in the past it was important to me to see tangible results. The proof is in my body and energy field right now.

Marsanne G., Baton Rouge, LA 
(Energy Healing Guided Journey experienced on Zoom)

"I recently had the opportunity to receive an energy session with Lisa Bromfield.  Not only has she inspired me to re-commit to my daily meditation practice by her encouraging example, I also experienced her many other spiritual talents during my session. She combines a sound journey, guided meditation, and energetic clearing of the chakra system, all of which lend healing to the auric field.       
The session with Lisa was so powerful and profound that I am at a loss for words to describe it. I highly recommend that you experience it for yourself in order completely understand the totality of what she provides during her sessions. Allow yourself to receive the gift of her healing."

Dawn B., Charlotte, N.C.   
(Energy Healing Guided Journey with Drum Sound Bath was experienced  on Zoom)  

"I did the Energy Healing Guided Journey with a Drum Sound Bath. Lisa put me at ease, with her calm, grounded, and understanding manor. I was able to relax and easily follow her voice through guided meditation and drum bath. Relaxing can be a tall order for me given the last two years of my life. Basically I was wound up tighter than a clock who's gears were about to pop. Through the session I was able to feel a weight lifted, relaxed, and most importantly a calm mind. The drum bath made me feel as though all the bad energy was being lifted from my body and just drifted away. Sometimes you don't know how bad you feel until the bad feelings and pain are gone. My stomach issues have improved greatly, which I know now were mainly caused by stress. I can't thank Lisa enough for helping me to feel healthier, more energized, a peaceful mind, and life. The notes she sent are very helpful to keep me in balance. I refer to them often and practice with them daily.  Thank you again Lisa

Nancy G., St. Petersburg, FL
(In-Person Energy Healing Guided Journey with Drum Sound Bath)

"I was always a skeptical person about psychic healers. I never would have paid to see a psychic before Lisa. In fact my first session with Lisa was given to me by my mother. I can now say after having two sessions with Lisa that I am a believer! She gave me powerful insights, feedback and things to start doing every day that have made a big difference in my life. I highly recommend Lisa for anyone that is looking to grow, heal or live more fully."

Billy L., California 
(Energy Healing Guided Journey experienced on FaceTime)

"Lisa is a gifted practitioner of spiritual support and guidance. When we spoke for the first time a few weeks ago, she led me through a private energy session and I felt a renewed sense of empowerment as I work towards inner peace during a transitional period mid-life. I’ve already sent 3 friends of mine her way and they’ve all told me she was extremely insightful and their hearts are more at ease after speaking with her. If you’re seeking healing, inner calm, or a spiritual community, Lisa is a wonderful guide. I highly recommend her!"

Margie Brenner, Boston, MA 
(Psychic Reading with Life Coaching experienced on FaceTime)

“Lisa is a joy to work with. Her talent for facilitating growth with her clients has helped me immensely. She is a gifted mentor and very knowledgeable in all facets of energy healing.” 

Debbie, Gulfport, FL
(Psychic and Mediumship Development Class)

"You have made a significant difference in my life and I am very grateful for you.  
Thank you Lisa!"

Nicole K., Georgia
(Energy Healing Guided Journey with Drum Sound Bath experienced on the Phone)

“Lisa’s psychic and mediumship reading went far beyond my expectations.  It was the most eye opening experience that I have ever had in my life.  She provided me with clarity, and opened up possibilities that were completely unknown to me.  Lisa connected me with monumental moments, including my near death experience and the angels around me.  Lisa also uncovered a problem with my daughter and my ex husband.  This allowed me to have a very emotional conversation with my daughter, and now my daughter and I have connected more deeply.  Lisa has been the bridge to the answers that I have been seeking in my life.  She has opened up the possibilities in my life and my bigger purpose.  I have never been so excited about being on my new journey!  What a ride!  Thank you so much Lisa!!!”
K.J., St. Petersburg, FL
(In-Person Psychic Mediumship reading)

"I had the pleasure of attending and being welcomed into the Psychic Mediumship Practice Group, a beautiful group that Lisa started, in which spirituality and the gifts that are inspired and innately granted to all of us are open for communion in order to be both cherished and enhanced by those in the group.

Lisa also facilitates inner spiritual work for those on the path of growth. She took the group through a healing guided journey that allowed us to be open to our inner selves and to connect with the internal knowing of who we are and what we need to do to lead a life fulfilled. It is this guidance that is the gift Lisa imparts in all her gatherings. Not to mention—her lovely, grounded energy that is so welcoming..."

Meybel Morales, Gulfport, FL
(Psychic Mediumship Development Class)

"I had a wonderful experience with Lisa while on a hike in Boyton Canyon in Sedona.  She brought her amazing hoop drum and did some healing work with me, using visual imagery and drumming.  The combination worked to bring up some unforgiveness I had been holding onto regarding a past relationship, that I didn't even know I had!  Equally important, was Lisa using her intuition and insight to bring this unhealed part of me to my awareness. 
Thank you, Lisa I am very grateful for your gift!"

Susan  H., Sedona, AZ
(In-Person Energy Healing Guided Journey with Drum Sound Bath)

"Lisa has a lot to offer in helping people through the tough times in their life. Over the last year,  Lisa has helped me get through the death of my sister, walking me through the process, and giving me simple steps to help me stay centered as I waded through the grieving process. I could not have done it without her.
Lisa has also helped me with the issues around my wife who is dealing with dementia. She has reminded me to meditate daily to keep my sanity.  Last week she went into a meditation and cleared and healed my wife's energy... It has made a great difference, and she is much calmer now.

Do yourself a favor and if you need help or a healing with something in your life, or just need some help learning to meditate. Lisa can help."

Brian C., Phoenix, AZ  
(Psychic Readings experienced on the phone)

"I have so much gratitude for Lisa!!  Her drumming meditation is amazing. I have had three sessions with her and each one was grounding and spiritually cleansing. The messages and insights she channeled were invaluable to my healing and spiritual growth. I was able to forgive those that had created deep hurts from my childhood (my Dad and Mom) and cut the cords of those emotional ties. As a result, I am more at peace with my childhood and feel a greater sense of freedom.  Lisa is no longer residing where I live, but I will be doing a Zoom session in the future, when I need a session again.  Thank you, Lisa."

Vickie B., Phoenix, AZ
(In-Person Energy Healing Guided Journey with Drum Sound Bath)


"I had the pleasure in meeting Lisa through the spiritual community, and was referred to her for help with my meditation growth. We quickly bonded, since she has such a sweet and compassionate soul. She offered to teach me how to meditate, since I confessed to her, that I have a lack of meditation knowledge which is rendering my spiritual growth. During our first session she went through the differences of the chakras, explained why they are important and why we use them in meditation.
Then she guided me through a beautiful journey, with the help of her drum ”Serena.” While she played Serena, I could feel the pull of energy that Serena was either removing and adding, I felt energy that was so bright and full of love. Lisa continued to guide me into opening my chakras, and I could feel my solarplexus open and pull, in a way that I have never been able to master.
When we were done, I could feel the energy radiate from my body, allowing myself to be more open. I can honestly say that I never felt a meditation like this before. She truly is the meditation master."
Kelly E., Phoenix, AZ
(In-Person Energy Healing Guided Journeywith Drum Sound Bath)